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For many years we have worked with Olaplex, but why do we do that?


Just like us, more and more people prioritize the quality of their hair. Even with the most extreme colour changes, everyone wants to maintain healthy, soft, and shiny tresses. Olaplex protects your hair from the harmful chemical process that comes with hair colouring, and restores your hair from within. Because of this we can lighten your hair more safely, achieving greater results with less damage to the hair. Because we see the significant difference when using Olaplex, and because our clients are equally enthousiastic, we always use it when decolouring the hair.


So how does this work?


When colouring the hair (and even more so when lightening the hair), there are bonds that need to be broken. This is a necessary process when changing hair colour, but unfortunately this is what makes colour services damaging to your hair. Olaplex ensures that no more bonds are broken than absolutely necessary, and and makes sure the bonds are restored again after the colour service. Because of this your hair will be less damaged compared to the same service without Olaplex.


Ok, so it's amazing for colour services. What else?


Even for those who don't colour their hair Olaplex is wonderful! Think of the naturally sensitive hair, that desperately needs a boost. Or the locks that get styled or curled with heath tools on a daily basis. And the hair that soaks in chlorine pools regularly will eventually lose its shine and elasticity as well. For all those the Olaplex recovery treatment is very well suited. This is a treatment aside the Olaplex we use with colour services, and will restore the bonds broken in other ways. Olaplex has developed an amazing treatment to use at home as well, to protect your hair in between salon services.


All Olaplex products are completely sulphate and cruelty free.