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Imagine yourself in a luxury spa in the far east with the delightful products by Moroccanoil.


Long ago Moroccanoil started with their famous Treatment. This is the absolute base of hair care and delivers a rich nourishment and phenomenal shine to the hair. The brand grew to be a complete range of luxury hair products, and there is a suitable combination for everyone.


They are probably most famous for the incredible smell of all their products. It's a true icon! Allow yourself to wallow in the scent of amber and sweet flowers, and washing your hair will never be dull again.


All Moroccanoil products contain a rich amount of argan oil, which is high in antioxidants and nourishes your hair from root to end. You will find it leaves your hair noticeably softer, stronger and shinier.


We carry all Moroccanoil hairproducts in our salon and have even expanded the range with skin care products. Our stylists regularly have training days with Moroccanoil, so they will know exactly what products are most suitable for your specific hair type.


Come experience the luxury Moroccanoil has to offer, and you'll probably never go back.