For a long time we have been searching for products that were both sustainable and soft on the environment, but that still deliver high quality hair care and styling. We found it at last with Kevin.Murphy!


As an Australian hair stylist, Kevin Murphy invented the beach look. He did a lot of fashion shows and photo shoots, but used to be very dissatisfied with the products available. The models' hair didn't feel soft and healthy, and was difficult to work with.


Kevin.Murphy is a true love brand, and the products contain mostly natural ingredients, that are all harvested from sustainable sources. Of course all this natural goodness is amazing for people with sensitive skin, and it smells delightful. Their design looks equally impressive. All products have a distinctive square shape, and of course this serves a purpose. Because of their shape, less space is wasted in transportation, which in turn helps minimize the emission of harmful materials. And what's more, starting in 2019 they will produce their packaging solely from recycled plastic reclaimed from the ocean!


All Kevin.Murphy products have never been tested on animals (they are really proud of their PETA symbol), and are completely sulphate and paraben free.


As a Kevin.Murphy Session.Salon we always get to be the first to attend training days, which means we stay completely updated on all new products and techniques. We carry all the products in our salon and all of our stylists are able to give you a full personal advice on what works best on your hair. We work exclusively with colour products by Kevin.Murphy Color.Me. All Color.Me products are PPD and ammonia free, and give the hair an astonishing shine. And the longevity of the colour is second to none. All products can be completely tailor made to match your specific needs.


We love it! How about you?