After years of working in high end salons herself, Michelle decided to pass her knowlege to the next generation by teaching at the Nederlandse Kappersakademie. Although she enjoyed her time there, she missed making the clients happy herself. And happily for us, because this creative mastermind is a real addition to our team! She cuts every type of hair perfectly every time, but she's really passionate about correcting hair colours. If you want a completely different colour, or you want to have something fixed that wasn't quite what you expected, Michelle is your go to miracle worker. She's also amazing at styling your hair, and makes the most beautiful updos for a wedding or a party, or just to make your visit to us extra special. She radiates tranquility and you feel relaxed the moment you sit down in her chair, and she will go to greath lenghts to make your visit an amazing experience.


Favourite Kevin.Murphy product: Re.Store

Favourite Moroccanoil product: Hydrating Styling Cream


Michelle's work days are Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.